A luxury staircase balustrade for a private client in Hove

We’ve done it again and installed this amazing staircase balustrade for a client in Hove.

Every glass balustrade installer knows that a staircase project is special in that it requires extreme attention to detail.

From the outset of this balustrade project, we were able to survey the project and provide the client with 3D image renders of what the final balustrade project would look like. Few companies are able to do this and this is what Brighton balustrade do well.

It’s all about the detail. In this project, you will see that we have used the finest brushed finish stainless steel from the handrail to the clamps. A luxury satin finish stainless steel system looks brilliant in all conditions and even more so with the clients lighting shining down on the staircase.

The system was installed with 10mm clear glass and this is what we use as standard on domestic staircase projects. The mounting plates on this project we’re custom made.