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The popularity of glass balustrade systems for balconies on flat roofs

Glass balustrades offer a sleek and modern aesthetic that can enhance various architectural styles. Their transparent nature allows for unobstructed views, making them ideal for locations where visibility is key, such as balconies, staircases, and pool areas.

This transparency also means that glass balustrades can make spaces feel more open and less confined, contributing to a sense of spaciousness. For all balustrade systems, it’s important to note that the balustrade is only as strong as what there is to fix to.

We often get contacted by clients wanting a glass balustrade on a flat roof or new house extension but there isn’t anything structural to fix the balustrade to.

The challenge in fixing glass balustrades to a flat roof without structural members to fix to

Installing a glass balustrade on a flat roof without existing structures for anchorage presents unique challenges. The primary concern is ensuring stability and safety without compromising the weathering of the roof.

Traditional methods of anchoring balustrades often involve drilling or attaching to existing walls or structures (steel beams within the roof), which may not be feasible in all scenarios. Innovative solutions, such as counterweight systems or freestanding frames, may need to be employed.

These systems must be designed to withstand various forces like wind load, weight pressure, and thermal expansion without damaging the roof’s surface. Additionally, the installation must comply with building codes and safety standards, requiring careful planning and potentially custom engineering solutions.

This task demands a delicate balance between aesthetic appeal, structural integrity, and practical considerations such as waterproofing and maintenance access.

A case study of a client that required an innovative floating/cantilever steel frame for a glass balustrade

A customer approached us with a specific request to install a glass balustrade system on their flat roof. They envisioned the balustrade to enhance the aesthetic appeal of their property, providing a modern touch and an unobstructed view of the surrounding landscape.

The challenge, however, was immediately apparent: the flat roof lacked any existing structures or anchoring points typically used for securing such installations. This concern was crucial, as the stability and safety of the balustrade system depended on a robust anchoring method.

The customer was keen on finding a solution that would not only meet these safety standards but also preserve the integrity of their roof, all while maintaining the elegant look of the glass balustrade.

They were open to innovative installation techniques but emphasized the importance of a seamless and visually appealing outcome.

Types of Flat Roofs

Our proposed solution for the glass balustrade

To address the challenge of installing a glass balustrade on a flat roof without existing anchoring structures, an innovative solution was proposed: the creation of a floating steel frame.

This frame, engineered to be both lightweight and exceptionally sturdy, would serve as a self-supporting structure for the glass panels. Its design allows it to distribute the load evenly across the roof, mitigating the need for traditional anchoring points.

The floating frame is securely fixed to the roof using specially designed supports that ensure stability without penetrating the roof’s surface deeply, thus preserving its integrity. The steel frame is also treated to resist corrosion and weather elements, ensuring longevity and low maintenance.

This solution not only addresses the safety and structural concerns but also aligns with the aesthetic desire for a sleek, modern look, seamlessly integrating the glass balustrade with the existing architecture of the property.

Below are some pictures of a frameless balustrade system installed on the flat roof for our client.

The results of the above case study

The installation of the frameless glass balustrade on the flat roof, supported by the innovative floating steel frame, resulted in a stunning transformation that far exceeded expectations.

The frame, cleverly concealed beneath the stylish decking, provided a seamless and elegant look, allowing the glass to stand out as if floating. This design choice not only ensured the safety and stability of the balustrade but also enhanced the overall aesthetic appeal of the space.

The customer was thrilled with the outcome, expressing great satisfaction with how the balustrade opened up the roof area, creating a visually expansive and modern environment.

They were particularly impressed by how the installation managed to preserve the integrity of the roof while offering unobstructed views and a high degree of functionality. The project’s success lay not just in meeting the technical and safety requirements, but in its ability to integrate the balustrade so beautifully into the existing space, making it both a practical and an attractive addition to their property.

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